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Our Commitment

Since 1974, we have served over 50 established corporations across the globe and through the years, we have gained the expertise to customize the waste management services that never failed our customers. We treasure our customers’ feedback and we constantly improve through it, allowing us to be their reliable partner through the years. Our commitment to customers:-

confidentiality professional waste management one stop solution
consistent, reliable and reputable regulatory compliant transparency
insured worldwide accessibility  

Our Mission

We support the sustainable activities of manufacturers by providing accountable waste management services with the highest degree of security, confidentiality, professionalism, environmental integrity and technology. We seek to continuously improve our solutions on reducing the detrimental effects of the manufacturing industry to the environment.

Our Vision

We aim to be the preferred recycling and recovery partner to our customers while simultaneously promoting the 5R Concept.

5R Concept

  Our well organized and secure waste handling system and customer oriented service made us the ideal partner to our customers.   Our objective is to reduce the environmental impact through efficient management and processing of waste.  

We consistently maintain our utmost capabilities of metal refinement technology and to set the industry standard for precious metal refining.  

We play the role in helping our customers to achieve their environmental responsibility of recycling their waste to a usable state.

  We consistently seeking to improve the current recovery facilities and ability to restore waste containing metal to their original state of funtional metal.