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Recyclable Items

ALH Industries’ core business is the recovery of scrap and waste from the semiconductors and electronic components manufacturing activities. Among the scrap we recycle are reject ICs, printed circuit board, wafers, lead frames, rail cutting, solder and other waste containing metal.

ALH Industries caters to each customer’s individual needs, understanding their operations and proposing solutions most suitable for their industry. Our solutions include E-Waste Management as well as Total Management that manages every type of waste output from our customers’ business processes.

E-Waste Management

Our e-waste management solution is a fully managed process at every step, from pick-up at the customer’s site to recovery at our facility. Our dry processes ensure the secured destruction of rejected products, while our chemical wet process involves reclamation of metal components.

We care for our environment and the safety and health of our employees by implementing periodical inspection to ensure both of our dry and wet processes are strictly monitored and secured with pollution control technologies.

Total Waste Management

For the convenience of our customers, we also provide One Stop Solution, which is dedicated to companies that wish to take their entire waste stream under one management. We offer a systematic method of collecting all forms of waste from the customers, separating out different waste types and treating each waste in the legally appropriate manner.